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Our milestones we are going towards rapidly to achieve that

What is this all about?

Frequently asked questions

Fritz is an INDEX, a basket of ecosystem tokens. In finance an INDEX represents the performance of a specific market, asset class, market sector or investment strategy. Each time FRITZ is bought from the Smart Contract the funding is used to buy Tokens from pre-selected web3 projects like REF, META, PARAS, and others.

A trading group leading this initiative will review the projects and make decisions using AstroDAO as tool. In addition NFT holders have voting power which they use to vote in the FRITZ DAO to choose the web3 projects to be added into the portfolio. The list is on-chain and is used by the Smart Contract to swap instantly and automatically when there is a swap.

Definitely a smart question; a HUSKY is a better guardian than a DOGE. We will see in the long run which MEME laugh last.